Can i burn a DVD movie on CD writer?

hi all,
i am a newbie, thus this post…
i hava question, that might be a dumb one…but i have to ask…
i have only a CD burner…can i burn a DVD movie on it? if i use nero to convert an avi file to a dvd file, can i use my cd burner to burn it to a cdr? and use it in a dvd player?


No. If you convert to a DVD File (ifo, bup and vob) you can only burn it to a DVD Disc with a DVD Burner.

Yes and No. If your Drive can Read DVD’s (DVD-ROM) you can rip them to your Hard Drive and then Convert them to VCD or SVCD and burn the movie to a couple of CD’s.

@ hina,

The price of DVD Burners have dropped drastically. You can purchase a NEC ND-3540A or a LiteOn SHOW-1693S DVD Burner for fewer than 40 bucks and either one of these DVD Burners are a good quality product that will produce excellent results.

You can obtain information about DVD Burners by visiting the CD Freaks Optical Drives Forum (

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HI everyone,

I am a newbie.

Look I hav a problem which u hav to solve immediately.

I hav a LITE-ON COMBO LTC-48161H Drive.

At first it used to read both CD’s and DVDs. NOw its giving me a problem. I get these software cds from DIGIT magazine (1CD and 1DVD).

CD runs easily & does not give me any problem.

But the DVDs, the combo drive does not recognize it at all.

But it recognizes the older DIGIT DVDs.

Only for the last 2-3 months the DVDs do not open nor does it get recognized.

Can u plz solve this problem? Plz everyone I request u to send me the solution.

Bye :frowning:


Talk about hijacking a thread with attitude…


hi guys,
thanks for the reply…i’ll look into just getting a good dvd burner…i just wanted to convert two movies, but i might as well get a burner.
thanks again…

Excellent choice:) You wont regret it. And hey if you get stuck - Cmon Back!

thanks! i will check in again! you guys are great help! especially for this dumb newbie! HEHEHEHEHHE…