Can i burn a bin file without a cuesheet file?



you can make a cuesheet manually with notepad!


Does any one know if there is a prog or util that allows u 2 burn a BIN file 2 an ISO without the CUE file. What happened was i downloaded a game and the cue sheet was corrupted and now the site has gone and i have no way of downloading it again, please help!


Ch5 Micky


But how will i know how many mode the cd has or how many audio tracks if any there are, and also the begining and end of the bin file?


Ch5 Micky


What was the CD, surely someone else in the universe has it so maybe they can make a cue file for you and email it??


Just rename the .bin to .iso and you can burn it without de .cue with another program like discJuggler or WinonCD. Maybe even with CDRWin, but I’m not sure about it.


Thanx Gorrreen i’ll try that, out of interest the cue file i need is for EA NBA 2000 for the PC in case the title is not a giveaway it’s a basket ball game. Thanx skelly i suppose it would have sensible of me to put the title of the game in my post.

i really appreciate the help.


Ch5 Micky


No you don’t need a cue file, use fireburner and all probs solved!


Thanx ISO sl|ngblade i have Fireburner i give it a try. Thanx very much for info.


Ch5 Micky


yeah, fireburner is all you need.


well, I prefer :slight_smile:


Use Nero


Hunter – no way, don’t use nero for BIN files! BIN files are usually associated with CDRWin, but can also be burned using Fireburner.


Thanx guys for the above help but i used ISOBUSTER to extract files from the image and it seems there could be problems with my BIN file as well. But all ur info help been extremely helpful.


Ch5 Micky