Can I burn a 4x media at 8x using 4163?


No, sorry. But at 4X it is the best burn I have seen yet. As all TY 4X is discontinued, very soon it will be gone anyway.

but I can get a 600disc bulk pack of it. :slight_smile:

Get 8x media instead then you will be able to burn at 12x to 16x.

No LG DVD burner burns 4x DVD media at above 4x.

Apparently, the 4120 and 4163 have some kind of write lock on 4x media preventing them from being burned at any speed faster than 4x. See this post for more info.

So no, there is currently no way to burn any 4x media at any speed higher than 4x.

Burn it at 4X. That’s what I did. Or add a Liteon 1693 with the money you save over the 8X. It is the next best choice I have found to burn TYG01 at 8X, after the NEC 3500.

IIRC, only my NEC 3500 can burn (certain) 4x DVD media at 8x.

Practically all Lite-On and Plextor DVD burners can burn certain 4x media at 8x. That was why I got Plextor PX-708A and Lite-On 4x 401S and 411S (later replaced with 1613S.) Not possible with ND-1100A and ND-1300A. :slight_smile: I had some sample disks of RICOHJPNR01 and YUDEN000T01 then (and later RICOHJPNR02 and YUDEN000T02 long before I first got a sample GSA-4120B.)

Heh BenQ/Philips can burn 4x YUDEN000T01 @ 12x with a offical firmware. I wondered the other day if any other drive has an official overspeed like this ?