Can I burn a 120+ mins movie to a DVD-R?

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I want to make copies of my favorite movie dvds. I have a new PowerBook G4 superdrive and a friend told me how to copy a dvd movie to my hard drive. I did some research on which blank DVD I should buy to copy the movie onto and it seems that DVD-R is compatible with my Mac. However these discs are labelled as holding 120mins worth of data. Will a movie longer than 2hrs still fit? I don’t know if the two hrs refers to using a dvd camera----movie length data…or both. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

The 120 minutes is there as a guideline.

120 minutes usually indicates dvd-quality video, if the movie is longer then the movie can be re-encoded to fit the dvd, although there will be some quality loss.

You should concentrate more on how big the movie is in size, a dvd-r will hold 4.38gb of data.

But a movie that is bought in a shop (pressed dvd) will usually be 7>gb in size which means it will need to be re-encoded, unless it is burned to a double layer dvd (DVD+R DL)


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More than 2 hrs., no. Some movies that are less than 2 hrs. may not fit if you keep 6 channel sound tracks (Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1). Just get DVD Decryptor (while you still can) and DVD Shrink (to compress the longer movies), free. Click downloads at