Can I backup copy DVD-ROM?

I have been using anydvd and clonedvd to make backups for quite sometime with excellent results. I just purchased some educational videos on DVD-ROM that I can’t make a backup copy. Can anyone give me advice on how to copy a DVD-ROM? I see that clonecd can copy DVD-RAM but I don’t think that is the same thing. I would like to backup from DVD-ROM to DVD+/-R. Is that possible? Please help.

Each bought movie is in DVD-ROM format, so AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 should do the job for your new DVD´s as well. Please describe the problem more detailed.

CloneCD will do it.

I have anydvd, and clonedvd I am using NEC 3520 firmware 3.04. The DVD-ROM I am trying to backup is “Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro” (Disk One). I haven’t ever had any troubles backing up any movies. But when I try to access the DVD drive on page 2 of clonedvd it won’t access the dvd. I’m at work now and I can’t remember the message I get, but clonedvd won’t even attempt to read the Total Training DVD. It’s not a protected disk message. I think it was an invalid disk message. I am attempting to do this with anydvd active as usual when I backup movies. Similar troubles with DVD shrink and DVDdecrypter. The only program that will touch it is Alcohol 120%. I was able to make an .mds file but when I tried to burn it to DVD+R it says insufficient disk space even though this .mds file is only 4.2GB? I’m stumped :confused:

I would say that you have some confusion in backing up a DVD movie and a DVD-Rom (data or programs). CloneDVD2 is designed to backup up movies not data DVD’s. If you have DVD Decrypter that will do it if you use ISO mode. Or why not down load the free evaluation copy of CloneCD - that is what I use to make backups of data DVD’s.