Can I back up DVDs solely using a DVD writer?



I am new to DVD authoring, have a new dual DVD writer but haven’t burned once yet.

I have been writing to CDRs for over three years and am consolidated with such technology. When I wished to back-up a music CD I copied from CD (D:) & wrote to CD-RW (E:) on the fly.

What I wish to do is back-up my own DVD collection and my quick questions are:- Do I need a separate DVD player to enable me to write to my DVD writer or can I just use the one drive to copy and write? My PC has a CD player and a DVD writer. Is ripping the only way? Are there better ways of copying a DVD on the fly?

I will view the forum for further info and I am just beginning to understand the ripping of .VOB files to HDD. I do know that people have there preferred methods of ripping, copying and authoring DVDs etc but my knowledge is fragmented at the moment.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated.:slight_smile:


I think that I am finding out that Clone DVD or alternative simply does what I require…

…any further responses still welcome. :wink:


DVDShrink is free, and does a terrific job 99% of the time.


Hi :slight_smile:
DVDShrink is good :iagree: is free :iagree: but with latest dvd’s you may find it necessary to use DVD Decrypter as well, also free
Try these links


You can’t do it on the fly with your commercial dvd’s you want to back up. Both DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter need to save the files on your hardrive then you’ll take out your original DVD and burn. Once a copy is made of the original you can make a copy on the fly but your gonna need a dvd rom and a writer. On the fly is not the preffered way to burn movie dvd’s though I have done it…


I have only had one writer (LG 4040) for some time. I generally use DVD Decrypter first to rip the files to the hard disk. This is so I don’t put unnecessary wear and tear on the writer. Using Shrink or similar program to read the disc directly takes a lot longer. I can rip with DVD Decrypter in just 10-15 minutes then work from the hard disk.