Can I add files (or modify) to a CLONECD image (SD 2.51)?

Yes, i wonder if i can change some files from a SD 2.51 Clonecd image and the copy works… It is possible?

Test adding files with WinISO, and then use CDRWin to burn the image (you have to have the cue file as you most probably know).
Might work.

Yes, you’ll have to do some ISO image manipulation. Neither Nero nor DiscJuggler will let you add files to an open Cloned disc - how do I know? I’ve tried!

No, you surely can’t do that. Winiso, for the time being, is the only tool which can add/delete/modify the contents of a standard iso 9660 image *.iso (mode 1/2048). Even for a *.nrg of mode 1/2048, winiso still can’t do the modification directly before it has been converted to *.iso (say, use winiso).
As for the CloneCD images *.img with protection, any change will destroy the integrity, which can’t be accepted by CloneCD.

Try using WinISO and Nero. Image must be mount on nero image drive before adding file using WinISO

A mounted image is, for all intents and purposes, a virtual drive, is it not? It would then be impossible to alter the files.

Mounted image using Nero is not editable or writable in windows explorer. You have to use WinISO to open the image file and then add the file you want and save.
I tried not mounting the image and use WinISO to open the image and add the file and save.
The image was damage.

I did not try SD 2.51 yet, maybe it will work

WinISO has a bug in manipulating files. I tried making an iso image from Nero of my own documents. Then I tried replacing an old word doc with a later one using WinISO and after burning with Nero the file was corrupted - the rest of the files were ok.

I think your problem is WinISO - actually I found out the problem it is restricted to old standard ISO format, i.e. it does n’t update the joliet extension pointers, etc.

  • I’d try a different program.