Can I add data directory before burning DVD?

After you drag your bup, ifo, and vob files to the Video_ts directory, would a DVD+r or DVD-r still be playable on a standalone DVD player (not a computer drive) if another directory was created that contained jpg and txt files?

How about adding data to a svcd or vcd?

Currently, whenever I create certain DVD’s that have more history or graphics associated with it, I’ll take inexpensive blank media and make a backup UDF data DVD that contains not only the video_ts directory, but any graphics and biographical text that pertains to it. It would save alot of time if I could just include it in the actual DVD as a side directory that’s not recognized by a DVD player, as long as the player could still read the disk.

Many manufactured DVD-videos contain added directories, but not inside the video_TS folder. Suggest you try it.