Can I Add an Entertainment Center to a Wireless Network?

I hope I’ve chosen the right forum for this. I’m interested in adding a stereo system and an HD television to my parents’ wireless network. After a few cursory Google searches, I’ve decided that this is possible but also that I’m not really sure what it involves. My parents would be looking for a no frills network: They’d simply like to use the stereo and television to play music and video files that are stored on their computers.

I’ve read about Media Center extenders, but my parents’ computers do not have the XP Media Center operating system. I also know that there are network media adapters available that purport to do this sort of thing, but there seem to be disputes about the reliability of at least some of them. Also, the adapters can get pricy, and I’d like to minimize the cost, if possible.

So, basically, I’m clueless and looking for any recommendations or advice for adding an entertainment center to a wireless network, the cheaper the better. If anyone can recommend a reliable network media adapter, that would be great, too. Thanks in advance for the help!

Could you expand a little on what your are trying to do? In other words, since you are talking about networking, are there multiple computers networked? Are you trying to stream audio and video from a computer in one room to a tv and stereo in another room? If at all possible, it might be easier and a lot cheaper to do a direct wired setup.

Maybe? Are you connect a PC to an entertainment system?

[QUOTE=THE C.;1944332]Maybe? Are you connect a PC to an entertainment system?[/QUOTE]

If he is, there is no expensive equipment needed, as long as your video card has an s-video or composite out (which most do) or if onboard video, if the motherboard does. Some motherboards with onboard video now even have hdmi out if I am not mistaken. If you want hi-def and your system is not capable, HD capable vid cards are not that expensive.

As far as audio, you typically just need an adapter to go from mini plug to rca. The expensive wireless stuff is just if you need to stream from a computer in one room to av equipment in another room, but it can get very expensive, and even some of the expensive stuff gets lots of complaints about performance.

Yep I agree with you RipIt, I paid over 500 bucks for my BlueTooth Leaperstar, but I love not have any wires ya no? :wink: Some are out there for a little less but not much 100 dollars or so. Bluetooth is what I would recommend for the sound quality is better then the WiFi and FM transmitters.

For that much you could probably setup a budget dedicated htpc. If need be your could also then stream video/audio from computer to computer using normal inexpensive networking equipment.