Can I add a Hard Drive?

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I just joined the forum so please accept my apologies if this question has been asked before.

I’d like to buy a DVD recorder and have chosen LiteOn due to their wide compatability in terms of media it records to.

Right now I can really only afford the LVW-5006 (no HDD). My question is can I add a HDD to the machine later on or should I save some more cash and buy a HDD machine such as the LVW-5045?

I’m hoping that all the mainboards are the same and there’s just an IDE connector I can plug a HDD into at a later date. (Well, I can only hope!)

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Do a search:

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Re: Turning a 5005 into a 5045
there’s no way, to connect a harddiskdrive to 500x units.

The reason is the LSI-chip. In 500x-units it’s the 860x, in HD-recorders it’s the 865x.

The features of the chips can be read here —>…_dtr/index.html

The 865x has the capable of handling a harddrive … the 860x can’t.

There’s no way, to upgrade a 500x-dvd-recorder to a hd-recorder …
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search link should be:

Thanks guys.

I guessed as much but thought I’d ask anyway just in case.