Can Hot Hardware Cause Bad Results (scans)?



I have been using VS08 812s@832s for several weeks now. I have enjoyed some pretty nice resulting scans from using Memorex CMC MAG F01 @ 4X for backups. Today, after a good solid day of the puter running, downloading, unraring, etc. I burned a few backups to find NOT what I was expecting. On the third burn, I tone it down to 2.4X, even worse!

Any takers on this one, or are there just too many variables?

I appreciate any insights/similiar experiences


Well I’ve noticed on my 411@811, burning at 2.4x gives horrible results whereas 4x, or 8x on the same media give much better results. If your burner had been running all day and then you got a bad scan, it wouldn’t surpise me, but after only 3 burns :confused ? I’ve used my 812s@832s to burn 8 in a row one day and no problems with scan results. You could also try some different media and see if that helps.


Did you use DVD Info to confirm the disc was from the same manufacturer? Sometimes they switch it, even mid-spindle.