Can heat affect burn quality?


Today I’ve been playing a bit with the error checking function of my new BenQ DW1620 drive. I have noticed that when i burn a TY @ 32x with my Plextor PX-W4012 I get a lot of C1 errors. Since I have the Plex as master and the BenQ as slave, I disconnected the BenQ so that only the Plextor is on the cable, I also took the BenQ out of the case so cooler air can get to the Plextor (the 2 drives are just above each other). Although I didn’t think that removing the slave would solve my problem since I got an excellent result burning a TY @ 40x with the BenQ.

Then I noticed something strange: although I still got a lot of C1 errors (apparently a problem with the drive), the amount was much less.

I included some pics from these first 2 attempts.

Next I tried to burn another disc with the Plextor while the BenQ is on slave, same result as the first attempt. Then I disconnected the BenQ but didn’t take it out of the case, the result was quite the same as attempt 1 and 3.

My theory is this: the BenQ drive, which is just beneath the Plextor, causes the Plextor to warm up a bit more and the drive can’t handle the warmth very well, so it writes more errors to disc.
Tomorrow I will take the BenQ out of the case again and burn another disc or 2.

Still, I have no theory on why I get so many C1 errors at all…must be a drive problem, good thing I wrote all my discs @ 16x . :eek:
Haven’t tested any other speeds except 16x yet.

What do you guys think about this?

1st, your scans are not different enough to draw any conclusions. That said, heat will affect burn quality, but heat has an impact on scans too. Error levels will always be higher in a hot drive.

Thanks for your input.

The first scan has a total C1 errors of +40.000, the second of +10.000…isn’t that different enough? Every other burn I made had error rates of +30.000, that’s at least 20.000 more than the second burn (when I took out the BenQ).
How many times I scan the discs, the scans always come out the same way (more or less ofcourse). It’s a writing problem, not a reading problem.

Burned 2 discs this morning, Plex = master and BenQ = out of the case (1st picture below, both graphs of these 2 burns resemble each other closely).

Imo it seems that heat idd is the cause of the increased error rate. The strange thing is that my errors also doubled after I updated the firmware from 1.05 to 1.06 (that’s the 2nd picture), but that was the 3th disc I burned, maybe the drive wasn’t cooled off sufficiently. I’m gonna burn another disc later.

I contacted Plextor about this, I’m curious about what they have to say. :slight_smile:

Just for comparison, a scan of a disc written @ 16x below. The disc IS a TY disc, I had the ATIP hider function of Alcohol enabled when scanning.