Can hackers crack million-dollar dare?

I just posted the article Can hackers crack million-dollar dare?.

Source: ZDnet Australia

If you’re in for a challenge and desperate for money, get hacking!

An Australian company, that claims to have developed the ultimate security-proof system, will…

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And along comes a 13 year old kid with no hacking experience who enters his daddy’s name as the password and he is in and gets the dough…

Oh well, maybe I just wish I was 13 years again

Da_Taxman: are you older then 13??

this is too damn cheeky,

they donate less money, thus saving themselves money, if IT GETS CRACKED. they wouldn’t even give the crackers the money anyway. if you’re desperate for money then hack their bank and then transfer the money, don’t bother claiming your prize!

Perhaps it’s a decoy or something to get the world’s finest hackers into jail. HA! Like good hackers enter the contest. They’re smart. It’s (nearly) impossible to catch a good hacker/cracker. Some have been caught by the FBI, it was on Discovery a while ago. Some shy fella named Mitnick got thrown into prison for a loooong time.

If it can be hacked/cracked why bother telling them about it, instead wait until it has been installed all over the world and banks are feeling secure, then … ha ha ha you’ve been hacked and all your money has vanished etc…

free kevin !!!

this will happen: someone will hack it, then the company will refuse to pay. just like that one company that invented what they thought was the unremovable watermark from mp3’s. they had about 12 people hack it successfully, then denied that anyone did.

Now this is nice… Give $10.000 dollars to a charity of the hackers choice (when they break it…they will!) or donate $1.000.000 to the “Make A Wish” Foundation. What’s wrong with this?
A hacker with a heart (that’s most of them) would NEVER reveal his crack before the company has turned over the million dollars to the M.A.W. Foundation. So this is a win-win situation for that company.

Shouldn’t the terms be $1.000.000 to charity WHEN they break the code?

I say: Break the code and reveal it to every newsagent around the world after the $1.000.000 is donated!

If man can make it, man can break it!

Besides, why should we give them thousands of hours of essentialy free security testing? Its also a dangerous stratergy to brand yourself ‘Secure Datasystems’

i think a real hacker won’t show off in such case.