Can get the subtitles on my video

I’m trying to get some of my DVDs to my iPod - I work with nero and it works great - the quality is good and its fast.

The only problem I have is that I cant get it to put (burn?!) the subtitles on my film - since i wanna play it of teh ipod I need it to be on the movie - can any one help?

(I select the proper subtitle in the menu before I start the process but still nothing…)

They should be there if you selected them. They will not be on (forced) but just embedded in the video stream. You will need to use your players “subtitle” menu to turn them on and make them visible. If you are trying to make them “forced” subs, I don’t think Recode can do that. You would need to edit the ifo. I don’t do that so someone else will have a suggestion for that I’m sure.

I’m using iPod so i dont have any way to tell it to show those…
Can you recommend any other software that will enable me to convert from a DVD to H264 (in the better iPod format - mean 640X480 up to 1500BPS) with forced subtitles?