Can firmware Upgrade add DVD+RW reading capablity?

Is this actually possible ?

I am using a Toshiba CDR/DVD SD-1002 model… But it couldn’t read any of my burned DVD+RW

It might help improve readability… manufacturers have been known in the past to release firmware updates that resolve certain problems.

> Is this actually possible ?

Yes, +RW can be added with a firmware update.Your particular
drive has been reported to read +RW discs without problem, so
look for the right burner/firmware/media combination.

In general though, Toshiba is a horrible brand to choose if you want to read DVD+R/Rw media. Toshiba only provides some firmware versions with DVD+R/RW support to OEM’s that request them. They often leave support for the plus format out altogether and even when the drive is able to read DVD+R/RW discs, it will not report this ability to software like Nero InfoTool or DISCInfo or DVDInfoPro.