Can firmware update make LG GCE-8320B non SD 2.51 compatible



Hi. I have noticed that there is a new firmware version for my burner LG GCE-8320B, but before install it i want to know IF there is any chance TO maKE my burner NON-SD2.51 compatible, with this change. Does anyone know something about this?


well from what i heard if your drive can do correct EFM encoding in the first place odds are a firmware should not mess it up.

i think olli said this but i aint sure.


im not sure but i thought i read somewhere that ppl who have a liteon 32X that is capable of updated sd 2 games who then upgraded the f/w after this “upgrade” apparently there drives could no longer make working backups of sd 2? im not sure about this but i thought i read something like that.


Yeah, the same happened with some Plextor burners a while ago, and people said that the company sold out to the big players…quite funny.