Can firmware modders implement ATIP hiding?

All liteon burners (as I know) allow ATIP reading on burned discs

Is it possible to implement ATIP hiding ?
Some yamaha burners (CRW2200 for example) hide ATIP on burned discs, but not on blank discs

this can be very useful avoiding software ATIP hiders which are blacklisted

Most of the newer hiders lets you change their identification to avoid blacklisting. Make use of that instead.

ok i did a cursory search of atip hiding since it sounded interesting…
atip hiding is to keep game copy protection from finding out that the game resides on a burnt cd correct?

Indeed, and this can be added to any burner with a simple firmware
change (Plextor even offer this feature with their official firmwares).

everything i have played has a nocd crack so i used that even on ones i bought so as to not have to put the cd in everytime i played

gamecopyworld rulez