Can Fentago and Slysoft Products

Can Fentago and Slysoft Products coexist on the same computer without conflicts, for example can DVD Idle and AnyDVD run in the background at the same time? Can DVD Fab Express be on the same computer with CloneDVD2 and no conflicts, it they can, does anyone know of programs that do conflict with them. How about Nero Recode? Thanks,

Couldn’t find anything by Google, Alan. So unless someone has had specific trouble with DVDIdle/AnyDVD and/or DVDFab Express/Clone DVD2. I suppose the only way to find out for certain is to talk straight to the guy who would know, James, from Slysoft. He should be able to say if the elby drivers conflict with anything like Nero. So see if you can PM James and I’m sure you’ll get an answer. :wink:

Thanks Quema34, but I was more interesting in what if anything conflicts with Fentago products.

If this helps these are the burning/encoding programs I have on my PC with no known conflicts.

Nero including Recode
DVD Shrink
WinAVI Video Converter
VSO ConvertXtoDVD

I don’t have any experience with Fentago products.

Hope it helps.

By the way, Alan, bigmike7 has many of the products you mention on his computers in his signature, so if that’s any indication, he uses all of them without conflicts/problems

This doesn’t answer specifically, but I have fab platinum (express and gold) and AnyDVD and run both simultaneously with great results. I’ll look for the thread by bigmike7, I believe he was the first to actually recommend this combo. I also have fab region free but do not have it enabled usually, as it conflicts with fab express and gold.

Here’s that thread by bigmike7:

I don’t know how I missed that thread, I talk to BigMike all the time. Thanks maineman, its funny because I alway thought that running two decrypters at the same time would cause conflicts, but someone on another forum also mentioned excellent results running DVDIdle and AnyDVD together, I am going to try this combo, I will contact BigMike and see if I can get anymore input, I was hoping Fentago would read this thread and give some input. Thanks again maineman.

If you have Express, go to program files and find Fab folder and look for Express instructions HTML. Conflicting SW is listed there.


Yeah, I caught myself running both express and AnyDVD a few times this past winter…and thought, that’s funny, no conflict. Then bigmike posted and I never looked back. As good as both products are, nothing works perfectly 100% in this business. Since I’ve run the combo, never had so much as a stumble with decrypting.

My info tells me that DVD Idle and AnyDVD make for an excellent decrypting combo, not that AnyDVD is not excellent by itself but adding DVD Idle does something that helps the process, don’t ask me what it does, I do not know yet. :confused:

One more echo of Maineman’s report anydvd/fab - clearly having anydvd running at same time allowed a proper backup, where with Fab alone did not. This was a solution on several titles, and now always have anydvd running during Fab rip/burns. At those times was using the current Fab release.

Hmmm usually fengtao updates pretty quickly if the ifos are sent to him ,personally I believe there is no need to use both anydvd and fab products

Fab is quick to update, but it has happened. Having a couple of solutions in the toolbox not a problem for me, nor critical of either when the other solves an issue. Pretty cool they co-exist so well.

anydvd and dvdfab can cohexist, but must not be ACTIVATED at the same time…

the two are updated often but not always at the same speed, it’s normal…

In other words do not have them both start on boot up? Is that what you mean?

Yo alan-

Hey bras - [B]yes[/B] I have both AnyDVD and DVDfab Express running at the same time - and since I moved into my new work computer - without any conflict and with great results in record time-

I used to use AnyDVD with InterVideo DVD Copy - and a 8gb movie disc would take 25 to 35 minutes - now with AnyDVD and DVDfab Express - the cycle time is 15 to 25 minutes (especially with a good/fast reader-ripper like my 1640 and now 1655 coupled to great writers like my LiteOn 160P6s and LG 4167) and using only Ricoh 4x +R R01’s, Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02’s and Verbatim 16x +R MCC04’s-

Life is good-eh!

(btw - I am way over 100 very successful burns with this combo)

Thanks Big Mike:
I try to read all your posts, I have no idea how I missed the one mentioned above, but having AnyDVD and DVD Fab Express running together seems to be a good thing, funny how I was sure they would conflict. Wrong again, thanks for the info.

Already said surely on this forum, when you use one, the other must me desactivated (like you want), if not, you will have structure problem with certains dvds, specially arccos ones, who will be with wrong structure if the two are running and acting…