Can fab platinum be speeded up a little



I’m a new user of fab platinum (few days only) and I wonder if this engine could be speeded up a little.40-50 minutes /movie. I used to work with shrink and it used to take 15-20 minutes/movie.I know it’s long, but it works great.If nothing can be done,I’ll have to live with it,and I will recommended it anyways.Great engine.thanks to fangtao.


Open common settings and click on the “RESET DMA” button
and see if that helps



Hi! StormJumper. Thanks for the tip. Your DMA Reset tool really helps. Half time it used to take.20mn.vs 40-50 mns. Thanks again


Any time


Boy that Tim sure is full of smarts huh :bigsmile:


:confused: Geeee don’t know :bigsmile:


Does he knows his goesinta’s too ???, LOL.


Does he knows his goesinta’s too ???, LOL. At least I could spell it I think. LOL. ~Mike