Can excessive power draw blow up a PSU?

Hey. I’ve been having a LOT of problems with my PSUs right now. I have 2 HDDs, a new Radeon 9800Pro video card, DVD writer and CD writer. Also, a 15" monitor and an SBLive soundcard. In the last 5 days, 4 PSUs have blown up! The power supply was a no-name Taiwanese 300W unit. I noticed that the blow-up used to occur only when some particularly stressful activity was taking place… playing NFS:U, running 3DMark2001SE.

I purchased a 400W unit today, and I’m pretty sure that the power line is alright, as a big-screen TV, AC, DVD player and music system are also on the same phase and are not exhibiting any problems. This new unit is working properly so far (fingers crossed!).

What else should I check up? Can the motherboard (Asus A7N8X-X) be causing the problem?

The wattage of a PSU doesn’t really tell you that much. It’s the amperes on the 5 and 12V lines that matter. If you got enough of those, you should be fine.

Cheap PSU’s often have nice stickers on them, but that’s about all… if they are overpowered (that’s quite easy) they can “blow”. Especially on overclocked systems…

For my system I need quite a strong PSU as well. To give you an idea, my PSU does 30A on the 5V line and 34A on the 12V line. That’s a 500W PSU.

For your system Bhairav a 300W PSU is by no means enough.You need a better one and a stronger one.You can calculate how many watts your system needs here:

Have in mind that if you get for example 437 watts, that is true if all parts of your system are used at the same time :slight_smile:

btw Dee-ehn what’s your PSU??The 12V line is very impressing… :bow:
Mine is Chieftec 340W(+5v–>35A, +3,3–>28A, +12V–>17A). :confused:

Thanks for the replies,guys. One (noobish) question… how do I check the current on each line? With a multimeter,right? Then how do I know which line is the 5V line and which is the 12V one? (Note to self… make better use of EE degree :stuck_out_tongue: )

The simplest way is to check for a sticker somewhere on your PSU with the detailed specs, or you can go to the web page of the manufacturer.

It’s a 500W from Levicom (German brand). It’s designed for overclockers (very strong and stable 5 and 12V lines) and casemodders (clear case, blue lighted, fluorescent connectors). It’s very nice and slightly cheaper than the more common brands as Enermax etc…

Yes. Never buy cheap PSU, unless you care when it fries the whole system. Antec True series all the way.

Although I agree I’m sort of a hypocrite. I’ve got an el’ cheapo 350W PS that I’ve been using the last two years. I’ve been one of the lucky ones though and haven’t had any issues (so far). :smiley:

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