Can dw1620 overburn on dvd media?



As in additional capacity?



IIRC I read somewhere overburning on DVD is a feature best left alone. Ok on CD, but forget it on DVD. I once tried to add only 15MB or so to a DVD and it was a failure.

I dont know for sure, but the possibility you damage your writer is much higher than with CD AFAIK. Not sure though - but I think 4.38GB on a cd sized disc already pushed technology pretty to the limit, at home at least.

I think the reason you had to test how much you can overburn a CD-R was that on a CD-R, it is not possible to assign it a length longer than something I dont know. Maybe you already saw sth like a 90min CD-R showed up in an old burner as a 12 min CD or so. Hence, you had to overburn to find out how long you could write and enter it in the software manually. Not sure but is was sth like that.


shrug This is all an opinion based poll more than anything. I haven’t had any troubles with Nero 6.3 and above. 5.5 is so old now that sometimes it has trouble detecting DVD Burners correctly and such. If you stay above 6.3 you should be ok - I also have not had one lick of trouble with any of the versions of 6.6.0.x


Well I heard of some ppl having problems with 6.0 or 6.6 … but whether these problems are due to general system problems or maybe hacked/pirated keys, no one knows for sure. Esp the 6.6. problems may just stem from ppl who just bought their new writers (like me) and installed the demo to test, so the writing problems may be of other origin.

Maybe just a what do u use poll would be more useful.

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I tried burning an additional 5 mb on a ricohjpn r01 dvd+r and that failed, so just wondering if it’s even possible on the benq. I have successfully burned more than that on a plextor px716a though. Both in nero


Hm maybe plextor allows that, while other writers hard-stop at the end of the DVD to protect the user from damaging it…


That would be my guess. I think DVD’s burn pretty much out to the edge anyway at least I notice on my burns when they are FULL the line on the outer-edge showing the lead-out is very, very small. Maybe room for a few megabytes but that is about it. Not sure why the thread was changed, oman to a new topic as well as the poll disabled. Odd, heh.

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You can overburn with some drives, but the media may not be readable with most ROM drives. I can custom set the burn size to about 4382 MB vs 4383 MB max for DVD SL format.

I suppose one can add another 150 MB of data to the unburned 1 mm ring at the outermost edge of the DVD.


That may be possible, but as most media appears to have some worse quality on the outer tracks, I am not so sure whether it is wort the risk … even if you gained 150MB and needed one unusuable disc to find out, that would mean about 29 perfect discs with +150MB each to have won something, even without considering the possible loss of quality you mentioned…

It would need a pretty good reason (like sth which would fit with those few extra MBs) to do that… maybe a copy protected game or sth like that :wink:


The disc that failed to overburn still could be read. It was just the files past the limit of the disc couldn’t be read.


That’s so darn true.


i’ve burned nearly 4600mb to a SL +R disc several times on my Plex 716As. discs register and read fine in my ROMs and stand-alone DVD player :bigsmile: gotta love the control Plex gives its owners.