Can DVR-111D do "Disc Quality Tests"




I have one question regarding the Pioneer DVR-111D writer.
I’m hoping someone here can answer it :slight_smile:

Can it do “Disc Quality Tests” in Nero CD-DVD Speed?





DVDInfoPro should work though.


Yes - It can be done…
Check the Nero CD/DVD Scan Thread for details on the registry changes !!!


not 100% accurate like other drives though correct?


Well - I think it’s relative…

The last generation PIO 110 and also the NEC x5xx drives were very bad scanners…

The current generation PIO 111 and the NEX 47xx are very very close to the better known scanning drives (BenQ, LiteOn)…

Close too but not better than (BenQ, LiteOn)…


this information is interesting,
where did you find it ? are you sure ?



beach-hobo posted the correct info.


Even thought the 111 is a good scanner, it still only does so at 4x!

There is a thread in the nec forum for the 4557 drive and someone posted a comparison scan of about 4 drives, one of which is the 111.


Thread about the 4570. :wink:


ty :slight_smile:


beach-hobo can you tell me where the nero cd/dvd scan thread for the reg. changes is. I have tried search but can not find it.

tia wrench


(remove the name PIONEER from the BLOCKED entries)


Of course there are two issues with this.

  1. Pioneer requested that their drives be on the blocked list.
  2. CD/DVD Speed is not properly coded for the 111 (Speed selection).

DVDInfoPro is the better choice for the Pioneer drives.


thanks beach-hobo


I thought scans from DVDinfopro weren’t accurate though? Would the 109 do a semi-decent scan at 4x with DVDinfopro though?


On second thought, NM. I just tried a scan and the results were really erratic.


Just wondering as to why Pioneer would request to be on the blocked list?


per haps they know that their burner were bad scaner … ??