Can DVDs really disintegrate?



For starters, let me say I’ve posted this in another forum already, then spotted this one. I know technically this is not a good thing to do, but it’s not a regular thing I do.

Mods? Are my fingers and toes to be chopped off for this, or can we let it go this one time?

Here goes…

I’ve been having problems with an almost “strobe light” effect (jerky movement for a few moments here and there…maybe like frames being lost) on my Lite On stand-alone DVD recorder. (I’m not the only one…others have seen it too.)

Someone suggested the media may be to blame. I don’t think so, but it did get me thinking…how cheap can you go?

The LiteOn is my first recorder…don’t even have a computer burner, so I’m new to recordable DVDs.

I’ve heard that some discs (at least at one time) were found to be poorly made and that something inside was found to be “loosening” after a while, and anything on the discs would be unreadable, eventually.

Is that true?

The discs I’ve begun using have seemed ideal for my purposes. Open areas on the top and bottom for my thermal labeling printer, available all the time at a local wholesale store (also known as “price clubs”), and for $40 you get a spindle of 100 discs.

I’ve had NO problem recording on them or playing back.

But then there’s the matter of the “breakup with age” thing.

I don’t THINK this is old stuff the wholesale store has bought up, because it actually has their logo on the discs (tiny, to leave open space for printing, but there nonetheless).

AM I in any danger of having these discs go bad on me eventually, as the discs age, or is the “the stuff inside goes bad” thing just an urban legend?

Help for a newbie?


don’t know about disintegrate but i had some infosmart dvd’s & just under a year about 70% of the way through it started to get unreadable luckly i don’t have to many of them


Just buy quality Made In Japan media, and you won’t have to worry about problems.