Can DVDs be converted to other formats whilst retaining menu functionality?

A potential remedy for my back ups (and the large volume of them) of DVDs has occurred to me: it’s a shot in the dark but I’m wondering as DVDs are to large to store on a computer) if it’s possible to convert DVDs to AVI or any other format but retain DVD structure?

I know that it’s possible to convert the video files but can the menu functionality be kept as well, so it’d be like a DVD on the PC?

Thanks for any info! x

Short answer: no. The DVD menu structure is unique to DVD-Video format - meaning MPEG-2.

DIVX does have an optional menu structure, but it’s support in free-standing players is hit and miss. You would need to create a new menu in a DIVX authoring program.

I’m not aware of any programs that can convert to a more compressed format and retain menu functions. If you find one, please post it here, as many people seem interested in this idea, but I doubt seriously that it can be done.

It is possible to convert to divx and make a new menu with certain programs. Divx Author and TMPGenc Authoring Works 4 are two that I know of.

Edit: Late again.

This is only possible with some proprietary divx formats…

Bah… OK, thanks guys.

Mass disc storage it is…