Can DVDFAB Platnium Backup BluRay or Not

It seems like people are saying that it cant. I dont really want to get another program as I have been using dvdfab for a long time and really like it. I want to back the bluray up to my hard drive but it is an option that I need considering I am getting bluray now. Any help would be appreciated.

Each title is different , the program is in the early stages of development, I think and I am saying " I think " because I do not have Blu-Ray" that the free hddecrypter may but I may also be wrong. Read the release notes. Does it say it backs up Blurays discs? I don’t think so, but as I said , I never tried it. If it doesn’t now I can almost guarantee it will in the future, like I said Bluray is still new and decryption is in development.