Can DVDFab copy data?

I haven’t tried it yet, but does anyone know if I use the Clone mode, can it copy Data DVD’s or is it only geared for movies? I only ask as I have to back up some data cd’s from work and we don’t have any software for it. I know I can just copy most data off the disk then copy it to a new disk, but some of them are bootable dvd’s and I would need to keep that ability.

No, I’m not trying to bootleg anything. These are to be legit backups.

Hi Swany6mm
Yes DVDFab Platinum will copy Data Disc’ as long as they are on DVD DVDFab does not support CD’s

Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll give it a shot tomorrow :slight_smile:

Great Swany6, you won’t be disappointed…and if you need to backup data cd’s use IMGBurn… :slight_smile: