Can DVD2one connect movies from the same disc?



I was wondering, you know when you choose movie only, and a menu pops up allowing you to highlight which movie you want DVD2one to copy? Well, would it be too complicated to create this menu so that we can highlight as many of the titles found on the disc as we want, and allow DVD2one to copy all of them? In other words, suppose when the menu pops up, it shows 5 items, one is 1hr 20 mins, the other is 45 mins, and the others are 3 mins each. Would it be hard to make DVD2one so that instead of allowing us to only choose 1 of these movies to be copied, we can highlight as many as we want, then DVD2one will simply attach the chosen movies to the end of the previous one. In other words, if we choose the first 3 movies, then what we would get is the complete movie, and as soon as it finishes we’d get the making of documentary, followed by the theatrical trailers. I know we wouldn’t have a menu to choose the items from, but at least they would be found at the end of the movie. Any plans to release future versions of DVD2one that will offer this option?