Can dvd shrink 3.2 span to 2 dvds?



Hi All,

Hello also to Mr. Scoobie Doobie, who help solved the Playo dvd problem.
I needed to update my firmware.

New question, does anyone know how to use dvd shrink 3.2 to encode to 2 dvds? I have a 190min movie dvd & I don’t want to compress it to fit on 1 disc because I only will get 75% compression.

I use DVD DECRYPTER to burn to dvd.

Thanks in advance.



in dvd shrink use the “TRIM” tool to trim to where you’d like the first disc to end. burn this piece.

open up dvd shrink again, but this time use the trim tool to trim off up until you want the 2nd disc to begin then burn the second piece!

the trim button is above the preview window towards the right i believe (don’t have the program in front of me) if you mouse over it or use the help feature you should be able to find teh trim tool no problem.


if you go into re-author you will find that you can “cut” and trim your program.

Using DVD Decrypter you would simply decide where to end the first part - then make an ISO. Go back and start the next part where you left off.

Best advice is just to play with this feature. Makes more sense very often than high compression.


Thanks Guys,

I will trim in DvdShrink 3.2.

I didn’t know that you can set start & stop.

Thanks again.



yup, that’s one of the features of shrink that gives it an advantage over many of the pay tools.

unfortunately, you cannot retain menus in reauthor mode in dvd shrink. (most pay tools allow the retention of menus, but less exact cutting…it’s usualyl an either/or situation)

i do, however, know that clonedvd will allow splitting at chapter boundaries and you can retain menus on both discs if that is important to you. a 21 day free trial can be obtained from

i have both tools and use them both about equally. they each have their plusses and minuses for sure.

shrink offers exact cutting, but clonedvd is mroe flexible with keeping menus. shrink allows mixed compression and deep analysis, but clonedvd is much faster with a comaprable quality output (some will argue this point)

i suggest you give both a try. both are very worthwhile programs!




I assume that you do not want to burn to one dvd because of past experience with Shrink. Almost all of the programs commonly talked about are transcoders - and of little use if more than say 15 to 20% compression is required. If you have the time to investigate DVD Rebuilder you will find that it is possible to fit your movie onto one DVD with no noticable loss of quality. The whole movie is re-encoded. It will take a longer time than shrink, recode et al and burning to 2 dvds is still a good option but Rebuilder is the way to go for one dvd backups.