Can DVD-RW media damage the DVD's lazer?

i have a toshiba sd-2700 dvd player and According to the manual I could use DVD-R, CD-R and CD-RW but it doesn’t say that i could use DVD-RW, DVD+RW, or DVD+R media.may those later media cause damage to the eye or the motor of the lazer of the dvd player?
i am lokking for an answer from an expert on this ,so for all the experts out there please help .

From experince i can say that it MAY cause damage depending on the player, as the laser has to work harder to read CDRW media as its wavelength is slightly diferent to DVD. It all depends on the Pickup Unit used and the player itself, i wouldnt recommend doing it if you want to keep your dvd player in prestine condition as its pushing the laser and unit.

Though if its a cheap dvd player and your not worried about maybe having to replace it in the near future then i wouldnt worry. Lests face it even the cheapest dvd players today read CDR/RW and DVD± media.

thanks, you have been very helpfull.
is there someone else who thinks differently

can dvd-r or dvd+r damage

No as dvd+r and -R are pretty much like any pressed dvds to the player. Like if you were to play a CDR in your music player doesnt see a difference between it and a CD. Its just that CDRW on a dvd player that doesnt support that can be a problem.

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Remember, using the CDRW to “trick” your DVD player into thinking it’s a DVD “media type”, is just that. A trick. IF your DVD player and it’s laser and decoder etc., are of high enough quality you will probably be able to do this and be pleased with the result. However, be warned, you are working outside of the player’s factory specifications and there is no guarantee. Consider yourself lucky if it works. Again, that aforementioned web site with the DVD compatibility listing will be of great help to you. But even if you are successful be aware of these potential problems. You could have some erratic playback problems.

I heard rumors that even low price cd-r medias like gpt may stress the standalone dvd player and eventually damage the laser unit of the player.
is that true, should I buy a more expensive media?

I think you should stop worrying, always buy decent media you have no excuse not to because you’ll end up paying for it in the long run trust me (and hopefully if enough people stop buying crap it will force the companies to put out better quality stuff), as for laser stress with RW media, i have no idea but i highy doubt that a well burned disc (no c2, low amount of c1 for cd’s) will have much effect on the players life as playing pressed discs would. and to be honest CD/DVD media is so cheap now for me personally RW just doesnt have a place, but ofcourse price is different for every country etc

I can’t imagine how playing or attempting to play discs would damage the player. Some people seem to think that the player will increase laser power in an attempt to read the disc, but to my knowledge no CD or DVD reader works that way. The power is preset at the factory (with a photodiode built into the laser diode to automatically keep the power at that level despite aging). Whatever signal level that comes off the disc at that laser power level is what it gets, it will either be able to read the disc with that signal or not. It does not put any more strain on the laser.

Once upon a time, they couldn’t play CD-R, as they used the same laser for CD as DVD - and it wasn’t compatible with the dye characteristics of CD-R.

The players that don’t understand DVD+R, can often read it if the booktype is set to DVD-ROM - without this bitsetting, DVD+R is lesss compatible than -R, but when bitset, it’s possibly more compatible with -R - maybe with players that were never specified to support -R