Can DVD+RW data disk be read in DVD-ROM?

I have a NEC 6500A DVD±RW in my Dell Laptop.

I would like to make Drag and Drop DVD’s on DVD+RW media that can be read in an older DVD-ROM.

Is this possible?

Depends on the DVD-ROM. Some can read (re-)recordable discs, others cannot. Just give it a go and see if it works.

Sometimes a firmware update can fix this.

Thanks for the replies.

Jucius_Maximus - I tried but initial tests have failed.

zazonz - I shall see if there is a firmware upgrade for the older DVD-ROM drive and try that.

Otherwise, is there a “compatability” operation that can be performed on the DVD+RW when it is being created?

If your drive has bitsetting, you can bitset the +rw to -rom and try that.

This can sometimes solve the problem, but it is not guaranteed.

Some DVD-ROM drives simply will not read DVD+R(w) no matter what you do.