Can dvd-rw be repaired?

clearly the price drops in dvd-rw drives is such it hardly makes sense to repair them when they inevitably give up and die.

nevertheless, can a dvd drive be tweaked or fixed once they stop being able to read dvd’s properly and or write them correctly.

i am asking mostly because i have a number of dvd and dvd-rw drives which are tired and no longer read discs properly or at all.

rather than just bin them i would like a project to fix them if i can and if someone here has any advice or can point me in the direction of finding on the web where i can.


Try doing a full erase on a mac superdrive if you are able to/have access to one. I have had a couple dvd-rw’s which became unreadable in all of my readers/writers (error during the lead-in). The disks just spin for a while and lock up windows no matter the drive, but my mac @ work with a pioneer 106D was able to recognise. After a full erase the disks worked again in my burners

Nope, just use a good tool, like DVDInfo.

if you’re talking about dvd-rw DRIVE, maybe try to flash a new firmware would help

If you open the drive you will see the lens and the PCB; now, if the problem is the lens there are some tiny screws which can be turned to allow the lens a better focus. Now this thing I remember it was possible with old Pioneer optical drives but I have no experience of doing this.

Flashing a new firmware cannot magically make hardware issues disappearing.

If it needs cleaning, then cleaning may help (open up and air duster, though not too close to the lens). Kill or cure with a cleaning disk - NOTHING is meant to contact the lens, so they can do more harm than good.

Delicate mechanical parts, delicate electronic parts, and with the current price and improved performance / new media codes of later drives, it’s not worth spending much time or effort on a drive, even if it cost silly money when it WAS new.

You say you have a “number” of drives that gave up reading and/or writting.
How old are those units? How heavy is the workload you put on them?
How many computers do you have?
Sorry for all the questions, but it can make a difference.
What conditions your(s) pc(s) face? The media you use?
Do you have probs with other devices?
Apart from the reasons and solutions given up to now, do you have a lot of humidity that can harm the drives?
Whatever the explanation, if they do not bennefict from a guaranty, you will pay more than the actual value as Matth said.

I think after a while its inevitable that the lens needs a good clean,q tips and alcohol and a blast of compressed air have breathed new life into about 7 xbox dvd roms i clean for folks.Some of the lens have been really dirty and needed a good scrub.Its worth a shot before you dump them.