Can Dvd-R play Dvd+R?



I have a Toshiba SD-R6112 and have been attempting to play tv programmes recorded on dvd+r disks… the dvds do not play and it is as if there is no dvd in the drive at all. Should it be possible to play these dvds on this drive, if so how?


If the TV programmes were recorded on a standalone DVD recorder then the probable solution is to first finalize or close the DVD on that DVD recorder.


From what I can remember that Toshiba drive will not read + media.


Only officially. Most of their drives which got firmware updates in the last few years can read +R media without problems.
However, +R media booktyped to DVD-ROM are the better choice and DVDs recorded on a standalone recorder mostly are a complete different case.
Depends on HOW the content were recorded on them…