Can DVD-R be converted to +R?



I just got a Lite On “all write” recorder, and began using -R discs right away because I’d heard it was the most backward-compatible format.

I’d noticed some problems rewinding on my Apex 1500 player, but today found out my other Apex player, an 1100W, won’t play the discs at all (except for getting stuck on the first frame).

Someone suggested to me that the +R format might work better with my players. I’m getting some discs tomorrow to find out.

If it turns out that’s right…

Is it possible to take existing -R recordings and reburn them as +R (using DVD computer editing software), or is the recording “stuck” in the -R format (requiring an analog conversion to go to +R)?



it’s easy to do…

just download DVD Decrypter ( and use the ISO Read mode to rip the DVD-R to your HD…then use the ISO Write mode to burn to a DVD+R. don’t forget to bitset the booktype to DVD-ROM for highest compatibility (Decrypter is able to set the booktype for most bitsetting capable burners).


Dealing with playback problems usually has more to do with media quality than -R vs +R issues.


The Apex players, I have 3 in the house including the 1100W and they play almost any media file I throw at them. But I do use good media. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


My discs are Fuji and “Staples” (name of an office supply store chain).

My Apex players are the 1500 (which plays my recorded discs but doesn’t rewind them very well), and the 1100W, which won’t get beyond the first frame without freezing. (Funny yours plays everything. Mine’s hacked to be region and macro free. Could that be a problem?)

Can’t recall if I mentioned this, but the recorder is a Lite On “all write” 5005.

What type of recorded discs have been playing in your 1100W? (If you don’t mind me asking.)



These are the one i’ve used primarily,
YUDEN000T02, MCC003, ProdiscR03, RICOH JPRN02
They are mostly Fugi, made in Japan TYs and ricohs, MMC and prodisc are I can’t remember.They are all +r.


What you all have to remember with the 5005 is all recordings no matter R/RW, +/- are recorded in DVD+VR format, except for the SVCD & VCD! Reference page 34 of the online manual or your own manual.