Can Dvd Fabdecrypter be installed one more than one PC per licence?



…be installed on multiple computers once it has been purchased? Or, must it be purchased for each p.c.?


I’ll transfer this to the DVD Fab section here so others can advise you more specifically.


Well the title of this thread is about DVDFab [U]Decrypter[/U] which is FREE but if you meant DVDFab Platinum or Gold then I would then ask are the multiple computers that you are talking about yours :confused:
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I’ve often wondered about that myself.
Yes, the other PC is mine

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Good question but myself I wouldn’t think so because then you could be putting it on all your friends computers using your lic.key, like copying it to a disk and giving it to everybody or else selling it.


Hi All If you are using the free DvDFab Decrypter you can install it on more than one pc. But if you are using Platinum or Gold this is from the DvDFab site. I think you my only put it on one pc that you use. This is even if you have more than one pc like me :stuck_out_tongue: . But i think you can install on a new pc of you retire an old one from use. :confused: This is only my out look on this from reading what FAB’s web site list.

  1. Single-User License:
    A Single-User License permits the purchaser to install the software on a single computer for use by a single user.

  2. Multi-User License: Volume discount! ( 20% - 90% )
    A Multi-User License provides an inexpensive way for businesses, schools, universities or other work groups to supply their personnel with our software in a cost efficient manner.

If you are a large company and want to buy the Site License


No, you can’t. This is from the End User License Agreement:

    Fengtao Software Inc. grants you a license to use one copy of the version of this SOFTWARE on any one system for as many licenses as you purchase.
    “You” means the company, entity or individual whose funds are used to pay the license fee.
    “Use” means storing, loading, installing, executing or displaying the SOFTWARE.
    Pretty clear. You can find this in \Program Files\DVDFab Platinum 3\License.txt