Can dvd fab verify after a burn?

is there a way to verify the dvd after burning? i use verbatim 16x and burned but when i watched it on my dvd player it skipped at 10 min into the movie,i then looked at the dvd and it looked like a smear on it,so it was a bad disc…

You just did the best way to test the disc :wink: Must have been a bad disc or maybe try to burn them at 12X.

DVDFab can’t verify after burn. There’s no option. It’s a tricky game, burn DVDs playing good in every standalone player. Every system and burner plays in different ways together. People used different systemsettings with good, better or bad results, ect. Verbatim is a good choice. My personaly experience is, lower burn DVD Videofiles is a very compatible way. I burn maximum 4x, no matter of used DVD Media. Other users burn 8x or 12x or half of possible burning speed.