Can dvd decrypter make backups of PS2 & XBox games without using modchip to play?

i have been doing some researching online about making back ups of my ps2 and xbox games. i own over 40 games for each system and i really would like to back them up so as not to lose any from damgage or scratches etc. i recently saw on a forum here that u ‘CAN’ back up ps2 games without the need of a mod chip or swap magic using dvd decrypter. is there a way to do this if the settings are right? any help will be useful. thank you

What has backing up something to do with playing it then??
2 different things.

Backup may be possible.

If by your question you mean “is it possible to make a self-booting back-up copy of a ps2 game” the answer is [B]NO[/B].

The only way this is possible is if you install the game on a hard drive. Start over at this link and read up on the memory card exploit and HD Advance.

yeah chef, i was referring to making a back up that would play also. thx

i keep getting a error messge when i try to burn the iso that my verbatium does not read cd-rom XAs, and when i took it off this setting the ps2 refused to read the files, what am i doing wrong?

Yes DVD Decrypter can do it you just need a burner that can burn the LibCrypt copy protection on your back up and it will play with out a mod chip or swap magic. :slight_smile:

Context and logic

Yes! You can make backups without modchips. You only need a PC, an excellent writer and some tools.

No! Your backups are completely useless. Why? You cannot use them in your unmodded consoles. Why? Because unmodded consoles refuse to play backups! Why? Because you removed the copy protection!

Sorry but this is utter rubbish. I suggest that you read the forum experts view here or to put it more simply here. [And btw, libcrypt copy protection is in addition to and has nothing whatever to do with the boot protection.]