Can DVD-Audio discs be copied with DVD-X-COPY software?

I just purchased DVD-X-Copy and was wondering whether or not it could be used to make copies of DVD-Audio discs on DVD+R discs.

I have already read the FAQ and several other posts regarding DVD-A copying and have not been able to find an answer.

If anyone knows how or if this can be accomplished, the info would be much appreciated.


Currently (as far as I know) there is no software available to copy DVD-A discs.


Thanks, got to wait then. Maybe one day…

Long shot, but here goes…

This program is audio orientated I believe. You could try a 1:1 copy depending on protection, although Discjuggler has pulled a few surprises outta the bag regarding CD copy protection, worth a try :wink:

Saying all that…I have no idea about the structure or protection of DVD-Audio, so I could be talking out of my backside here :eek:

Your only chance that I can think of is trying DVDDecrypter in ISO mode. The DVD-A disc would have to be small enough to fit on a DVDR though. Let me know if that works.


You own the app, so go to 321 studios forum & ask there… you’ll get the right nfo.

and if they don’t support it, you asking about it, will likely get them thinking about it.

You can try creating an image backup using Alcohol 120% and then mounting that image on the virtual drive. I was able to play the backup disc with the Creative software that came with the Audigy 2 NX. (kinda nice, now I don’t have to take the DVD-A discs out of the cases anymore!). I just made a DVD-R backup of it (out of curiosity) and the Creative software seems to play it as well. Perhaps I have some sort of unprotected DVD-A disc (its a Classical music disc). I’d be interested in hearing if you could do this with other more popular genres.

I suspect that even if it is playable on PC, that standalone machine would probably reject it, but that is just speculation.