Can DMCA takedown notices be copyrighted themselves?



Can DMCA takedown notices be copyrighted themselves?.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Certain takedown notice companies are actively informing recipients via the form itself that they should not share it with third parties, as doing so would violate the notice's copyright. How exactly could these takedown notices, which exist solely to demand a site remove infringing material, claim such a thing? Good question.

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Just kind of serves as an example of the kind of mentality you deal with when encountering these industry jackasses.


Can posts in threads about copyrighted DMCA takedown notices be copyrighted? :bigsmile:


Love that last bit. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Blu-rayFreak;2574443]Love that last bit. :)[/QUOTE]

I couldn’t help myself.


If I got a notice like that I’d do the modern legal equivelent of "I double-Dog dare you"
and post it on every web site I could find.

Purely to get them into court and enter that kind of letter into evidence… however briefly before the judge had his clerk make copies for each lawer and hired an oragami expert to fold them so they were all sharp edges before putting them where they would best serve the interest of justice…

(some place moist and dark where it is said “the Sun Never shines”)