Can defective media screw up SolidBurn?

I recently thought my BenQ 1655 suddenly broke. I went from 98-99 QS’s to getting every color of the rainbow in quality scans. I’ve been using TY 8X +r’s exclusively. I noticed today in the trash can some of the discs had dark blue blotches on the flip side. I don’t know if my burner did that or if they already were there. There were some without any blotches but they too came out badly. Well, I reflashed my burner, cleared SolidBurn, and even turned it off in QSuite to be sure. I’ve now burned six discs in a row with QS’s in very high 90’s. So do you think the media was bad and made my burner’s brain(solidburn) mental?

defective media don’t worry

that is one downside of having SB on for supported media. You wind up polluting
your learned strategies if you have defective discs, but it can be cleared out as
you have done and it does nothing permanently to the drive hardware/firmware.

i use the same TY’s and have not had
a defective disc yet but i burn with SB off anyway for supported discs.

reason: i tested with SB on and off for these (non-defective) TY’s and i got much better results with SB off (YMMV - i gave it 3 SBon burns to improve and it never beat the built in strat). so, as a side effect, if i do hit a bad disc, i won’t clobber
the TY strategy since i am not learning it anyway.

phil benq 1640 BSLB