Can CRC be used as protection?


I have a problem that is baffling me. A while back i had a game that I had borrowed from a friend. I tried to copy it using a few programs such as Alcohol 120 and CloneCD. Both of these failed at around 3% using several different settings. then I tried copying files and folders of the game to the hard drive myself with windows explorer copy and paste. Most copy however I game to a couple files that freeze and I get a CRC error. there were some scratches on the disc and I figured this was the problem.

Now, I have another disc of the same game. (borrowed also) it too has scratches on it, and I’ve tried copying it and I get the same errors on the same files. Is this CRC error some kind of protection? is there anything I can do about it?

thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

First caveat: I’m no expert…

CRC is a bit of a catchall error and comes up often when sectors cannot be read. Although CRC is not a protection, it is the error you will see in many cases when structural or old style bad-sector based protection is used. The general trick is that most software essentially punks out when hitting these errors so they serve as a deterrent for copying tools. That being said, they can also be caused by scratches.

You could try a tool like the ones found at or

If the crc’s are from scratches these can help (maybe), but if they are part of a structural protection system this will probably not help. You will end up with a copy without CRC errors, but the copy will not work because they are missing. As far as I know the only way to find out is to try…

Yes, you could try something truly rash like buying the game.