Can corroupt drivers damage pc?

basically i got this very old and cheap brandless webcam, it came with a mini-cdr which holds the drivers, when i place the mini-cdr into my dvd drive, it made a load ###scccrreeeaaaccchhhing### noise, then the installer runs and i got the error shown in the top of the pic, as i continue the installation i got another error, shown at the botton of the pic, now i know maybe the disc is corroupt or something, so i decided to use device manager to install the drivers manually.

when windows did found the driver on the disc, it turns out to be a notepad file, which was strange, but i continue to install anyway, but windows pops up a message saying the driver isn’t signed or could be harmful or something like that, i cancel the installation and uplugs the camera. i thought it made sense since the mini-cdr could actually be a coaster or a badly burnt disc, as the installer states there’s an error, but should i try anyways?

[B]-i was thinking if i click yes when device manager ask me and continue to manually install the drivers would i damage my pc?

-when i place the mini-cdr in my dvd drive, it made a very load screeeeaachhhing noises, did the disc damage the lens or the drive?[/B]

please help, many thanks

please help

First off the drivers won’t damage your PC. The worst that will happen is that the device will fail to load. I suppose it could crash windows but that would be it.

The Mini Disc could damage your drive though. The screech sound, sounds like it wasn’t centred properly and so started to vibrate. I know most drives come with a small indentation for mini discs to stop this happeneing.

OH NO!!! so my dvd drive is permanaly damaged?

there is a small “area” on the dvd tray, when i place the mini-cdr on that area, it fitted perfectly, i checked the disc and it was positioned correctly and not sticking out or unbalanced or anything.

i load the disc in, and there’s that loud noise, so i guess i destory my dvd drive huh?

-my dvd drive is destoryed, right?

-the drive lens inside is damage really badly, right?

please tell me T_T

You drive might or might now be damaged. Chuck in another disc and see if it reads it or not.

I have put two disc in one drive before and had some bad nosies coming form it but it is still alive and kicking.

well i place a cd in, it reads fine, but i heard that there’s a possibility that the lens might gets scratched, is that true?

-if the lens do get scratched, how long will the drive last until it breaks down completely?

-is there anything i can do to fix the lens?

many thanks for the help. thanks

If the lens is scratched but still reading disc then don’t worry about it. You may not be able to read some really knackered disc but on the whole it should be just fine. Drives will stop working and breakdown when they want to. Noramally when you need it most. It’s called B*****D law.

Apart from taking it apart and fitting a new lens, bope.