Can Copytodvd +RW media but not +R



Newbie here.
I’m having a frustrating problem. I can burn movie title to a +RW(2.4x) disc with no problem. It plays in dvd writer and stand alones. Then I try to burn same data to +R(2.4 and 4X) discs and always the disc is not recognized after the burn was completed (successfully burned according to software and I can physically see it was burned). I used dvd decrypter first, then dvd2one, then copytodvd. Using optorite burner with latest firmware 2.1.1; Win2000Pro Sp3. Using certified +rw and +R media (recommended by writer manufacturer). I have several different rip/burn programs installed, trying to figure a solution but get same results. What am I missing here??



Can you read the DVD+R in your DVD writer?


No, not exactly. Windows explorer gives an error message, and I can’t access the disk. DVDdecryptor says the disk is empty, however the “Status:” line says “Incomplete”. B’s Recorder program recognizes that the disk is 66% full, but still can’t access those files. All this is done in my dvd-writer drive.


Hey flesh

DVD+R is less compatible with most stand alone DVD players than the -R version. Your better choice to back up DVD’s is to use DVD-R media. It’s the ole +R/-R format war. :eek:


Thanks for the tips thus far folks. I have semi-fixed the problem. I uninstalled all my backing up software and reinstalled just 1 program (now up to 2): dvdxcopy, dvd decrytper. So far I have had zero coasters and have used 1x, 2X, 2.4X, and 4X media. I still prefer to use my original backup scheme: decrypter->dvd2one->copytodvd. However, I need some time to try this out again. Will let you know as soon as I can get it to work.

Forgot to mention that I used -r and +r media and both worked.