Can compatability be affordable?



I’m backing up some of my movies and I’m running across a problem. The discs will play in computers, but not in any game systems or dvd players. Are there any affordable burners that will burn a good compatible copy. I’m on a notebook with a QSI sdw 082. It reads well enough to create good ISO files, so that’s not any concern of mine. I’m just trying to find a burner I can plug into the USB port and make good useable copies. Thanks


These problems are related to the “game systems” (probably you mean CONSOLES) and dvd standalones.
Some of them like -R, some +R, some only bitsetted +R and other have no problems with any dvd media type.

You can find out more on :wink:

PS: USB port… It must be USB2 and the enclosure of the burner must use a good chipset or it could give problems.


yeah but the CONSOLE isn’t the only thing giving me problems. also, whether burnt on +/-R they won’t play in ANY DVD player I’ve come across yet. my ports are USB2. also, how do i bitset it?


okay. i bitsetted it and burnt it on 2.4x, and it still won’t play. i’m guessing it’s the drive. any suggestions?