Can clonedvd2 and anydvd break new sony encryption?

can clonedvd2 and anydvd break new sony encryption?

If your talking about ARccOS then yes AnyDVD can.


:bow: AnyDVD :bow:

:bow: CloneDVD :bow:

:bow: CloneCD :bow:


what is clonecd for?
can it make mp3’s?
easy instructons?

CloneCD can pretty much make a copy of any CD (or even DVD) that you want including but not limited to: game discs, software discs, audio cd’s, dvd’s, karaoke cd+g’s, multimedia cd’s, etc.

Nothing to do with mp3’s directly.

is there a program that wll let me copy only audio from a movie on to a cd?
can i put all audio from a dvd movie onto 1 cd disc?

I assume by “game discs” the X-Box games are included? If so, would the X-Box itself still require the mod-chip in order to play the copied disc?



No XBox games cannnot be read by a PC. The Xbox must be chipped/modded to allow FTP access to it, so that the disk can be read. Once you have done this you have to FTP all of the game files to your PC and convert it to a XBOX ISO. Here are those steps explained in more detail.


Thanks for the response and the link! That is an amazing amount of work–very nice guide, but far beyond my abilities at the moment. Very intriguing as a project down the line, however. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


I’m tempted to purchase an X-Box just to try it. It sounds like fun. Darn my Game Cube loving son!

There are exploits that allow similar things to be done with a gamecube. An X-Box is a lot easier though, and you can do a lot more with it, if you’ve got the cash then its worth it just to try out some of the things you can do with a mod chip.