Can cloneDVD copy VHS movies, playstation 1&2, and xbox games?

It is possible with clonedvd and anydvd to copy VHS movies and episodes (like simpsons, etc…) to dvd’s? What about Playstation 1&2 or Xbox games? If not, do you think there will be an upgrade that will allow these functions? Thanks!!

@ xtremez28,

Your are going the have to have some means to get the VHS movies and episodes on to your computer hard drive and then use a DVD authoring software program similar to TMPGenc DVD Author ( to assemble your VHS movies and episodes into the DVD format.

What you are asking is out of the realm of the of the design function of the CloneDVD software program.

What you are seeking is a Video Capture and DVD Authoring software program, which CloneDVD is not.

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CloneCD will more than happily backup PS1, PS2 & Xbox games - a woth while addition to the CloneDVD and AnyDVD family if you are buying them!

CloneCD will back them up??? Have you tried it?? Thanks for the info…

and if we burn gamecube, playstation 1 games, can they play on the gamecube and the playstation? I heard that we need something to read it.


I tried PS1 & PS2. Works fine.

CloneCD cannot copy Xbox disks, no PC drive/software can.


@VirusHack - I know this is getting off topic - but I stand corrected - I don’t own an Xbox, but I know that my mate does make and play backups - he explained the whole thing how he has his xbox networked and reads the disc via that!! Ooops stupid me!!

when you go to click on the support tab then look for the afterdawn forum. there is a whole section dedicated to helping people back up xbox games. i know you can back them up using your computer but you will need some type of mod chip for your xbox to be able to play them.

There is no way to successfully backup and use gamecube games.

Incorrect. There’s a well-known method involving the network adapter and a stub program running on your PC that pretends to be the Nintendo Online server.

However, it’s a pain in the ass.

My bad, I have not heard of that method.

I heard there are new modchips for the GC, which allow you to play backups from 8cm DVD-R media.

Can someone explain how to backup a game for the PS2? after I select my dvd burner in cloneCD (newest version), it then asks me to select where to save the image but does bring up the screen that shows protected pc game, game cd, audio cd, etc… What is going on?? I will check out the other sight on xbox games. Thanks.

If its a cd based ps2 game use the libcrypt profile (is libcrypt profile in by default cant remember) and if its dvd based you should only be able to select “DVD” in the profiles window…

As it is a Game, you can use the Game profile… It really isn’t that difficult! BTW, I suggest you visit the CloneCD forum, here this is a little off topic.

Wouldn’t surprise me, however since nobody can READ a GC disc in anything other than a GC, the only source for such backups would be illegal downloads. :wink:

AFAIR the modchip has a special “BIOS” (or they deliver software on a DVD-R?), and you can “download” the game from the original media to the PC with the broadband adapter and burn it to the 8cm DVD-R. Maybe the chip had an in-built USB port for the data transfer, can’t remember.
But it is very similar like the solution for the X-BOX.
I haven’t tried this gimmick myself, but maybe I really should… the GC discs I have look really “used”, thanks to my daughter and her friends. But we are really a little off-topic… :slight_smile:

my version of CloneCD does not give me the option of game cd, video cd, protected pc game, etc… Why not???

sorry… I have the newest version of CloneCD (downloaded it last night…)