Can CloneCD do perfect copies of Audio CDs?

If a CD doesn’t have any scratches or anything like that, will it be a perfect copy if I use CloneCD, or should I be using a specific music extraction program like EAC? I’ve so far only been using EAC if the source CD is scratched in some way, as it’s much easier to copy things with CloneCD (i.e. source disc goes in, source disc comes out, blank cdr goes in, copy done). However, since I want my backed-up albums to sound exactly like the originals, I need to know if CloneCD is capable of making exact copies.

Thanks for your help.

In short: yes CloneCD will make an exact copy. I always use it when I want back-up some of my favorite discs for my portable CD-player and it works very well. Please do note that with audio you might want to use a lower reading/writing speed when you’re using an older read/write device since audio is more sensitive to errors than data.

For copyprotected Audio CD’s use the appropriate method.

Hello, long time no post, but I do not think it makes an ‘exact’ copy. If I remember well, it appends the (usually) two second gaps to the previous song instead of keeping that gap.

Well CloneCD uses a different read mode than a ‘normal’ audio copy program. CloneCD uses sector-to-sector copying and a normal audio program would use DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) to copy an Audio disc. Therefore CloneCD will sometimes make ‘errors’ (clicks, ticks) on the disc which shouldn’t be there.

But again, I never had these problems with my Plextor. I’ve been copying audio disc for quite some time and I always use CloneCD. No problems whatsoever…

That’s not really what I meant. I’m quite satisfied with using clonecd for copying audio cds and I never had any clicks either. So concerning the audio quality I’m also quite pleased with it.
But I referred to the gaps between the songs. You know, the ones you can add in between songs in Nero when compiling an audio cd or the ones ECDC old versions added between songs where you didn’t want I to (now there’s ‘disc at once’). The silent moments where an ordinary cd player goes -2, -1.
What I wanted to say was : when you play an audio cd in random (or shuffle) mode it ignores these gaps and just plays the songs. With clonecd these gaps are appended to the previous song so that you have a two second silence at the end of the song where you don’t have it on the original cd.
Now, why the trouble of telling all this. If you heared e.g. ‘live at the beeb’ from Bowie then you might 've noticed the gaps in between songs are filled up with the commentaries of the presentator in the original program. If you play the original at random you don’t hear any of these commentaries. If you play a clonecd copy at random you’ll hear them anyway.
Ergo : not an ‘exact’ copy. I must admit however I’m not using the latest version of CCD, perhaps this has already changed by now.
Well, let’s stop nagging about this. Have a merry christmas too and btw you have a great site, gamefreak.

> If I remember well, it appends the (usually) two second gaps to the previous song instead of keeping that gap. <

Nope. Due to the nature it works, it won’t add anything. You will even get the exact gaps (without the need for time consuming subchannel scans a la CDR-Win) if you enable “Read Subchannel Data from Audio Tracks”, and if you use DAO-RAW Write method.

I use CloneCD to copy all of my audio CDs. It has always worked for me. I am now using a TDK CDRW121032 and Plextor 241040A.

I can highly recommend CloneCD. “The Only Way to Clone!”

Thanks Olli!



Clone CD is pretty much a sector to sector copier as G@M3FR3@K described.

Optimal success comes from a DAO-RAW + 16* read & write. As long as this is achieved you should have a 1:1 backup.

Ripping individual tracks or anything less than all the sectors is a job for another proggy.

*The two 8 byte subchannels…P & Q contain CD-DA information; sub-channels R to W are for Karaoke & other interesting discs…