Can CloneCD Copy PS 2 Games

Hi my son has a PS 2 and has asked me if cloneCD would make a backup copy of his games and would they play back normally on the Play station, kid’s being kid’s they lend games out and they are not allways returned.
Thanks for any help. :iagree:
PS we live in the UK

Yes, it could handle with this, but another thing is today most games for ps2 are on DVD,
for this you’ve an easy solution Dvddecrypter, selecting the modes ISO Read and ISO
Write, that’s all. And the ps2 should have a modchip to play the safety backups! :wink:

Thanks rapid fire thats a great help and thanks for a swift reply

Hi can I get a mod chip for the slim version ps2? and if so where I’m in Canada

There are a few chips for slim version, like dms4, crystal, matrix infinity etc.
In canada? Just one example Here :wink:

If you don’t want to put a mod chip in your PS2 you can also use a boot disk such as - it is more of a pain in the ass than a mod chip - but can still give good results.

Do you have to use a mod chip or can you use something like swap magic 3.6 and the slide tool? Do they do the same thing? which is better?

@ xtremez28
A modchip should be better, like i said in an other thread, direct booting, handles with
Dvd-9 safety backups (GT4), modchip updates via cd etc…