Can clonecd clone a 99min cdr

I found instructions on creating a 99min cdr, with which I found out my lite-on is capable of writing, and so i bought a few 99min cd blanks. I found instructions on how to create them here:

My question regarding clonecd is: Can CloneCD copy the created 99min cdr I created using those instructions above to another blank 99min cdr, and alleviate the hasstle of taking all those steps again found in the instructions using Nero?

The reason I ask, and not simply try it is because I have very few 99min cdr’s and don’t want to get a coaster, esp since they are more costly. Also would the regular CloneCD Audio profile be able to do this if CloneCD is capable?

Oh yeah, my burner is a Lite-On Ltr-52246S

Thx :slight_smile:

Once you have make a hard disk image of the your CD with Nero, can’t you burn as many copies as you want? It should also be relativity easy to burn the CD from the image once you have set up Nero properly.

Can you do a test copy and burn with clonecd without wasting a CD, many recorders support this option, use the “Simulate Writing” feature. This might give you an idea as to whether or not clonecd will work.

CloneCD will write as far as there is a track to write on