Can cheap(bad) media damage your cd burner?

can cheap(bad) media damage your cd burner?

Usually no.

Unless the media is so cheap that it disintegrates when burning at fast speed. Dont laugh, I’ve seen it happen. there were pieces of cd all through the burner. It was toast after that. Though I think that was more of a fault with the burners servo limiter going out. :stuck_out_tongue:

tanx jamos…it also happend to a friend of mine…he had a super cheap x52x24x52 burner from an unknown manufacture…he was burning a cheap cd at x52 and the cd exploded in the drive… :eek:

thats how my old liteon died lol

Some Pioneer drives and recorders can go south if 4X DVD-R are used in 1X or 2X Pioneer manufactured DVD drives and DVD recorders. I just bought a 5 pack of Memorex DVD-R 4X and the warning is on the inside front cover. It says that equipment needs firmware updates.