Can changing the region on your DVD cause problems with burning?

I bought a number of DVD moviess in England and I used to watch them using DVD Region Free Lite so I didn’t have to change the region of the dvd writer but it looks like one day I forgot to launch dvd region free and I accidentally changed the region on my writer to region 2.

Now I notice that when I burn data dvds (with Nero 6) the program hangs on the 99% complete and stops responding and the DVD/CD i was burning is unreadable. Is this because the DVD is set to Region 2 or is it because the DVD writer is going bad?

the dvd writer is a TSSTcorp DVD±RW TS-L632D on a Dell laptop

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If you can post a Nero error log for one of the failed burns (you may have to sacrifice another disc for this), it’ll be easier for us to see what’s going on. Remember to remove your serial number from the log before posting it. :slight_smile:

Changing the region shouldn’t have an effect on burning.

Burning has nothing to do with region(change)s.

OK, will do as soon as I can. I just installed Vista and reinstalled XP (dual boot). On Vista, I decided to burn a data DVD, as I suspected that it might not burn properlyI checked off the verify data option. Nero reported that the project was completed suscessfully but when it was verifying the data it said it kept listing sectors and saying that it could not be read properly. I carried the dvd to another PC and tried to open it and copy he files across and the progress bar went across part way and then it looked like it stopped moving but the dvd drive light stayed on like it was reading but it was making little or no noise then it said cyclic redundancy check bad crc on archive.

I tried installing cdrwin and butrnt another dvd and it seemed to have burnt ok but now i am worried about deleting the orignal files in case there was an error.

Then use nero cd dvd speed to check the disc & contents.

hmmm… ok i’m on vista withe nero 7. i tried burning an image file, it burnt successfully but when i put it back into the drive it looks like the cd is empty.

If I am in XP and i try burning with Nero it stops responding at 99% and doesn’t recover so i have to end task. If I switch to Vista it burns the disc and doesn’t report an error but the disc will be not be read properly or wont be read at all. I installed PowerIso to see if the same thing would happen and when i tried verifiying the data i got “error verifying data on disc (sector offset: 0x00056bf0)”